About Cuckold Passions

What is Cuckold Passions All About?  Being Comprehensive!

Welcome to the webs largest and only comprehensive community dedicated to the Cuckold Lifestyle!

Many of you may know our other sites which are listed below. If so, you know our passion for the cuckold lifestyle! For us this is a hot, exciting lifestyle which is very often,  misunderstood.

That’s why we decided to develop Cuckold Passions. Look,  we all love the cuckold pictures, the naughty cuckold stories,  the cuckold videos etc. These fuel the fantasies and allow our naughty (yet healthy) minds to wander.

But this is not just a naughty little fantasy life. This, for many people is a lifestyle!

So we decided to develop Cuckold Passions into a bull blown Cuckold Resource.  Here you will find:

•    Cuckold Articles
•    Cuckold Research
•    Cuckold Stories
•    Cuckold News
•    Cuckold Travel Articles
•    Cuckold Events and Parties
•    Our Personal Cuckold Blog
•    The Cuckold Only Dating Site
•    Reviews
•    Cuckold Photos
•    Cuckold Site Reviews
•    Cuckold Videos
•    And More!

While our focus at Cuckold Passions is on the cuckold lifestyle in it’s entirety, we also decided to push it further and develop an entire network of Free, Cuckold based sites!

Below we have included some information on our other Cuckold sites.  Like this one they are all free.  No BS ,  blind links or fucking gimmicks.  We do recommend a number of subscription based sites that are not part of our network …. If you like what you see then join one of their sites.  We are members of a bunch and for those truly turned on by the cuckold lifestyle,  they are well worth the money!

Some have asked:  Why join a membership site when we can get so much cuckold information  here at Cuckold Passions for free?

Good fucking question! And there is a good answer …

The cuckold lifestyle is erotic,  taboo and exciting! Our goal here at Cuckold Passions is to educate as well as stimulate. That said what you see here,  while hot,  and informative, is only a fraction of the cuckold content found in the members areas of other membership based sites. They are loaded with cuckold videos, pictures and even live events!

Trust me,  as a connoisseur of this lifestyle … the content in some of these members areas are fucking HOT!

And dont forget,  if your interested in the cuckold lifestyle check out our other cuckold sites listed below! :  Your here! This is our cuckold site specifically dedicated to being the webs most comprehensive cuckold resource! :  Cuckold Crush is dedicated to one thing: Cuckold Videos! Here you will find hot , naughty cuckold videos presented and recommended by the hosts Cuck-n-Bull! :  Since video is much more difficult to produce ,  edit and upload, you tend to find a much larger library of cuckold pictures online vs cuckold videos. And thats what Cuckold Fever is dedicated to … Cuckold Pictures! :  Here you’ll find a ton of information related to the cuckold lifestyle! Rather than a site dedicated to cuckold pictures or cuckold movies,  features: hot cuckold stories , research on the cuckold lifestyle, cuckold news , and our own personal rants n raves on the cuckold scene! :  100% dedicated to nothing but Cucklod Stories! We love these damn things! :  Horny and want to get off fast to your favorite cuckold photo set or cuckold video?  Then Cuckold Lust is for you!  We have taken the top rated cuckold videos and top rated cuckold pictures and put them here at Cuckold Lust! :  The all new cuckold review site! We are surfers and seekers just like you.  After years of joining the various cuckold sites, we figured we’d give your our take on these sites! We pull no punches … if the cuckold site sucks … we say it sucks! If it lives up to what we hope to find in a cuckold site,  we’ll let you know that as well! :  Meet other cucks,  bulls,  couples and wives! Holy shit is all I can say! There are some horrible … I mean just horrible so called dating sites out there for thse in the cuckold lifestyle. Not any more!! Cuckold Passion is our very own social network for those in the cuckold lifestyle! Think of it as a My$pace for cuckolds! :  Tube sites are all the rage so in an effort to keep up with the times …  we built our very own cuckold tube site! The bandwidth on this thing is a killer so jerk off fast and please support the sponsors  LOL!

Happy Cucking!

Cuckold Passions

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