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We are Jace and Amy. We met a very cool black guy thru an online swinger site almost 2 years ago. “Met only” at the time. He lived in a nearby state about an hour from our daughter’s house. We were acually going to visit her and she was keeping tabs on us via cell phone.

We had talked at length about what we were looking for which was, Cuckold play with a real man with a nice black cock taking care of me, while my pussy husband catered our drinks wearing a pair of sissy pink panties. So after a good “get aquainted” face to face meeting we said goodbye and looked forward to next time. Next time took a long time! We all wanted this and had kept in touch both online and by phone but schedules were hard. Finally playtime came..

Our stud Mike met us at our motel Room. Jace didn’t waste any time. He took off his shirt and jeans to show what he was wearing! Bright pink panties with a little pink flower in the front.

As Jace went to his knees to show his submission he said Sir, I’m a little pussy and I appreciate you coming to take care of my wifes needs.

Mike and I undressed each other and I sucked him up while my pussy husband took pics. Then he guided Mike’s cock into me bare. It took a couple minutes for me to be able to take it all. Damn it felt good! It filled me so full.

Jace got on his knees and kissed Mike’s feet while he was pumping me. He also held Mike’s cock while I sucked it. When the best fuck I ever had came to its end Mike sqirted inside me while Jace kissed his feet.

It was beautiful seeing Mike’s sperm coming from Amy’s pussy. It seemed so right that a beautiful black cock had just done what I could never do. I also knew that this had given Amy’s pussy a hard workout. I sucked on her gently. Swallowing a black man’s sperm while massaging Amy’s pussy with my mouth.

I cleaned Mike up also but not with my mouth. I kneeled still wearing my panties and washed his cock and sack with a warm wet wash cloth.

I was to get no pussy or BJ from Amy. She was his. After asking permission I removed my panties and Amy held them for me while I jacked off.

This was a fantastic feeling for me. I didn’t have to be a tough guy. Just relax and be a pussy. Amy praised me for being such a good little pussy while I spermed in the panties she was holding.

Consenting adults …. good time had by all.

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