Making My Husband Watch

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Get those underpants off quickly my piss-ant. I want your ass bare so I can whip it properly. I spat out at him, hoping for the right response on his part. Damned if I didn’t get it! He dropped his underpants and turned his ass to me as he slightly bent at the waist, offering his cheeks to my whip. True to my words, I started whipping him really hard with the leather whip. Perhaps I went at it too vigorously because I saw his boner shrink down from the pain of my whipping. I eased up on him, making the strokes lighter now so as to increase his pleasure and reduce his pain. I saw his dick beginning to come back to life and I knew it was time to subject him to some humiliation.

Look at his dick would you Ralph, what a miserable excuse for a prick. Why don’t you show us a real cock? I said to my black lover. Ralph, without saying a word unzipped his pants and whipped out his enormous cock. It must have been a good nine inches in it’s semi-flaccid state. I’m sure it was a revelation to my husband to see a cock about 3 to 4 inches larger than his. But the thing I really love about Ralph’s cock is that it his really big in circumference. The diameter is so big that I’m not able to put my hand all the way around it when it’s fully erect. I couldn’t help admiring it one more time, and it gave me a thrill to be admiring it as my husband watched me doing so. I pretended that it was the first time I had ever seen it by saying, Oh yes, that’s the kind of dick I’ve dreamed about.

Then I walked over to Ralph and took his monster cock into my hand, stroking it slowly like some type of musical instrument. Please fuck me with this marvelous cock. I said looking over at my husband too see what effect my words had on him.

What about him? Ralph asked also looking Jack’s way. I began sliding Ralph’s pants off him and removing his shirt as I replied, want him to stay and watch me fuck a real man. Let him play with his little dick until it’s sore, That’s all he’s good at, the fucking bastard jack-off.

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