Turning My Hubby Into A Cuckold

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A few months ago I decided I might be able to shame my husband enough over his `secretive’ masturbating to be abusive to him in a sexual relationship, at least once. What I started then has worked out so much better than I had originally planned that I feel I must share my new sexual joy.

It was on a Wednesday, my husband’s afternoon off from work, that I put my plan into effect. I knew that Wednesdays were the one day that I could count on my husband playing with himself. He had been having this afternoon off each week, because his job requires him to work on Saturday morning. He always treated it casual, but I knew that instead of sneaking off to the basement workshop to play with himself, that he would do it in the comfort of our bedroom. I left work early that afternoon, telling my boss I had a bad headache. Instead I knew I was about to give one to my husband. I arrived home at about 1:30 P.M. being very careful not to make any noise as I came in he driveway and up the steps to our bedroom. As I knew he would be my husband was on the bed with his dick well oiled up, playing with himself while looking at and reading sexy articles. Besides having his dirty magazines spread out on the bed he had an XXX-video playing on our TV. I waited a few seconds then flung the door open and acted very shocked to see him sitting on the bed turning the pages with his one hand and stroking himself with the other. I turned on my best acting ability as I allowed him to believe my shock turned into anger. I carefully evaluated his reaction and I was pleased to see what looked like total embarrassment and shame cross his face. I decided to proceed with the next step of my plan and I went across the room and began slapping him! When I first saw him he had his cock in his hand and it was rock hard. Then when he saw me it went immediately limp as he knew he had been discovered being a `bad boy’. But the funny thing now was that his dick was becoming semi-hard again as I stood there and slapped him. He did nothing to stop me from slapping him and seemed to actually take some pleasure in it. I was thrilled about this as I began to suspect that I could make him my unwitting love slave in the near future.

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