Cuckold Comic

Willfully Used Wife and Cuckold Hubby!

Willfully Used Wife and Cuckold Hubby!

Nothing goes better with a provocative, cuckold toon than an actual,  true life cuckold story! So enjoy this cartoon titled Cuckold Comic as well as the story. Let your mind wander and imagine your wife being my little slut … I do!

Now darling, I’m going to lick and suck this cock until it spurts in my mouth, You want to see me do that don’t you? By now I was so desperate to come, I would have been happy for her to have done anything. Yes, suck his huge cock Lisa licked her lips as if wetting them so they would slide more easily over his fat cock head. Poking out her tongue she lowered her head until the tip was a fraction from his helmet. Then almost in slow motion she made contact.

My prick reacted in sympathy, I was virtually coming, a small bead of sperm just oozing slowly from my hole. Lisa was now licking round the entire head, leaving a shiny wet trail. Then her head came lower and her open lips came into contact with his throbbing cock head. She paused, her eyes looking up to me, almost smiling, but very challenging. Then her lips were sliding over his helmet, stretching to accommodate his enormous girth, her cheek pushed obscenely out by his cock head.

Lisa started to bob slowly up and down on his prick, I could see her saliva coating the top 4 inches of his cock. In rhythm she pumped the bottom of his shaft, using her saliva to lubricate her fingers, so that she could increase her speed. Jack was groaning, and thrusting his cock as Lisa continued to suck. Suddenly she pulled her mouth off his cock with a wet plop, but continued to pump with her hands. Come in my mouth Jack, give me your cum, I want to taste you, I want to feel you spurting, I want to swallow everything you can give me This set Jack off, he was now grunting as if in pain, and his thrusting in her hands became short and sharp. It caught Lisa by surprise, as the first thick white spunk flew up into her face and into her hair. She speared her lips down onto his cock and he continued to erupt into her mouth as she milked him dry with her hands. Finally his orgasm subsided and she pulled her mouth free, his partially erect cock, shining with spunk and saliva collapsing onto his belly, still pulsating and twitching like an animal. Lisa rose and walked the few short steps towards me, smiling slightly, with traces of his spunk visible on her lips.

For god’s sake make me come I groaned Put me out of my misery I tried thrusting my cock towards her, as far as the rope would allow. Lisa bent down, at last my torture would be over. She slowly engulfed my cock with her mouth, I could feel the heat of her mouth and see the remains of Jack’s cum running down her lips and chin. Just the mere sight of it was nearly enough to set me of. Suddenly my wife stopped sucking me and turned and walked away from me, wiggling her cute arse as she went.

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