Interracial Cuckold Toon

Hot Wife Has Eye On Black Gardener!

Hot Wife Has Eye On Black Gardener!

Nothing goes better with a sexy, hotwife and cuckold cartoon than an actual,  true life hotwife and cuckold story! So enjoy this cartoon titled Interracial Cuckold Toon as well as the story. Let your mind wander and imagine your wife being fucked by big black dick … I do!

She beckoned to Jack, Dance with me He quickly rose and took her in his arms. I now felt on the point of orgasm, it would need only the slightest touch, but no relief was possible. I saw his hands move down to her arse cheeks, playing with them, pulling them apart. She was grinding in to him, she must be able to feel that huge bulge thrusting into her. They were kissing passionately, I could almost feel the tongues pushing and searching. Lisa lowered herself down his body, undoing his shirt buttons, letting her tongue snake down over his chest. She was kneeling in front of Jack, her hands tracing the outline of his cock through his trousers, causing Jack to catch his breath.

She undid his leather belt, popped the button, and slowly inched down the zip. Lisa was now nuzzling his bulge through the thin cotton, drawing in his animal scent. Lie down she ordered. Lisa pulled off his shirt, trousers, shoes and socks, leaving Jack lying on the carpet, just in very small briefs which struggled to contain his throbbing erection. She took a deep breath, hooked two fingers in the waistband an carefully lifted the elastic clear. As she pulled the briefs down Jack’s massive erection sprang into open view, throbbing and twitching like a live animal. Now, that is impressive Lisa whispered. She looked up at me with a smile.

Magnificent isn’t darling? Do you want me to touch it? I could make no answer, my cock was bursting, my mind was in turmoil. Don’t say I didn’t give you a chance to say no. With that she took hold of his cock, needing both hands to reach round the thickness of his pole. Oh god, you are so fucking . . . big! She eased her long fingers slowly up the shaft, forming them into a circle around his dark, swollen, circumcised helmet. Forcing them back down, she stroked his massive cock, with real feeling. Now she started to pump with increased speed, forcing Jack to arch his back in response, God woman, that is good, so . . . fucking good. Lisa turned her attention to just below his helmet, she licked a finger and then very lightly began to rub his most sensitive spot.

Jack was writhing now. God woman I’ve got to fuck you now! Lisa squeezed his cock hard, and he grimaced. Jack I make the decisions, remember? I am going to make you come, then if I do decide to let you stick this up my cunt, you’ll last a long time Slowly Lisa relaxed the pressure.

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